My greatest strength as a senior graphic designer is designing efficient, consumer-centered products. I am talented at converting ideas into reality and creating user-friendly products that increase user experience.

I am passionate about helping brands find and use solutions that work for them and helping build new or enhance existing designs to be even better and more effective.

And most importantly, I value having fun and being creative, collaborative, and authentic while I do it.

 — Michael Beirut

“Designers actually can change the world for the better by making the complicated simple and finding beauty in truth.”

Growth & Success

Growth means progressive success and success is the maximum outcome of growth. They are inextricably linked and, indeed, success doesn’t come easily. First, one needs to make sure proper growth, focusing on the target and learning new things continue growth at a time that leads to success.


“Muhammad worked hard to understand what I wanted my books to look like. He was extremely helpful in all departments. He has designed five books for me over the year & I will be returning to him whenever I need a great graphic artist. Highly recommended.”

Irene Palmer

Owner, Palmer Hospitality

“Working with Muhammad was a pleasure to work with. He “

Amir Israr

Owner, ASWA Property Network

“Muhammad did fantastic work on developing our website He is very professional and has a quick turnaround time. I have used him several times to adjust our web and highly recommend his services.

Alicia Castillo Holley, PhD

Investor, Board Member, Founder, Wealthing VC Club.